Algerian Energy Company


“Algerian Energy Company spa”, abbreviated as “AEC” is a public company, a joint stock company created in 2001 and 100% owned by Sonatrach since 2018.

Statutory, its missions consist of the promotion of large-scale projects, alone or in partnership with National or foreign Firms exercising in particular, in:

  • The generation of Electric Energy,
  • Seawater desalination.

It is clear that the activity by which AEC is best known is, without doubt, Seawater Desalination.
Indeed, Sea Water Desalination (SWD) was a response given by the Public Authorities to counter the water stress raging, particularly in western Algeria.

The Government had decided to launch a major Seawater Desalination program, made up of 11 plants spread over the entire coastline, in which AEC has stakes ranging from 30 to 49%, in association with foreign partners.

Its overall production capacity is 2.1 million m³ / day, which represents a contribution of 17% of the drinking water distributed.

With the launch of the three new Sea Desalination Projects (El-Tarf, West-Algiers and Skikda), capacity will increase to 2.7 million m³ / day.

By examining the company’s environment – opportunities and threats – and its strengths and potentials to be consolidated, on the one hand, and its weaknesses and dysfunctions to be corrected, on the other hand, it was clear a vision and ambitions and draw the outlines of the strategy to be adopted, which are contained in the Strategic Plan for 2026.

Desalination of sea water
  • 11 plants in operation
  • Installed capacity of 2.1 M m³/d
  • Cumulative annual production 750 M m³
  • Average daily production 1.7 M m³
  • 17% national AEP participation
  • It will increase to 23% after extension of the network
  • 1 in 4 citizens will be supplied by the SWD.
Power generation
  • 03 Power stations
  • Installed capacity of 2,374 MW
  • Cumulative annual production 16,165 GWh
  • Average daily production 44 GWh
  • Participation in national production 14%