Health, Safety and Environment policy (HSE)

As a national investor and promoter of large-scale projects, alone or in partnership, in the fields of seawater desalination and the generation of electrical energy, Algerian Energy Company Spa (AEC) is convinced that the HSE process must be an integral part of its performance. As such, AEC ensures that its activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations in force, with the highest standards and standards in terms of Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection within the framework of the sustainable development.

AEC’s Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environment Policy is based on the following fundamental values:

  • Human capital;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Transparency.

AEC, in line with the HSE guidelines of the Sonatrach parent company, undertakes to deploy the efforts, resources and support necessary to achieve the following objectives:

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements in this area, applicable to its fields of activity;
  • Preserve the health & safety of its staff and interested parties;
  • Respect and protect the environment by mitigating the negative impacts associated with its activities;
  • Adopt a proactive approach in the management and control of HSE risks;
  • Seeking well-being at work for its staff;
  • Continuously improve its HSE performance;

In order to achieve these objectives, AEC works for the development of the following axes:

  • Integrate the HSE process into the various phases of project implementation, including the management of operating and maintenance operations;
  • Involve all levels of management in the realization of the company’s HSE approach;
  • Establish a regular control and audit process to ensure the integrity of the facilities and the control of environmental impacts;
  • Encourage and actively involve staff for the purposes of prevention and improvement of HSE conditions;
  • Promote the HSE culture among staff through awareness raising, training, information and feedback;
  • Communicate and collaborate with interested parties on HSE concerns;
  • Develop renewable energies in its fields of activit

Together, improving our HSE Culture is everyone’s responsibility.

Abdennour Kimouch
President and CEO

Algiers, June 2nd 2021