AEC Security Golden Rules

In line with Sonatrach’s QHSE policy, that of AEC consists of: No accidents, no injuries, and no damage to the environment.

To achieve these objectives, any AEC employee, or any entity, working on behalf of AEC, within the framework of EPC and O&M activities, is responsible for their own safety and that of their collaborators or colleagues. These objectives will only be achieved through the following eight (08) golden rules:

  1. the establishment of a work permit system,
  2. energy isolation,
  3. change management,
  4. control of lifting operations,
  5. control of work in confined spaces,
  6. control of excavation work,
  7. control of the movements of the rolling stock,
  8. control of work at height.

These safety rules will be rigorously applied in order to guarantee the safety of our staff.

AEC is responsible for the communication, training, implementation and control of security rules in order to ensure their proper execution.

Although they are included in each rule, it is important to underline the following guidelines:

  • the works will not be carried out without prior risk assessment;
  • any employee working in risky situations is obliged to stop work;
  • all staff will undergo the training necessary to safely carry out the task (s) assigned to them.
  • personal protective equipment will be provided. In the workplace, they will be worn permanently.