Algerian Energy Company "AEC SPA" is an economic public enterprise, with a capital of 15,840 MDZD, it was created in 2001 and is 100% owned by Sonatrach. Its statutory missions are summarized in:
  • the acquisition and management of all stocks, securities and portfolio,
  • the taking of any stake in all existing companies, in formation or to be created both in Algeria and abroad in the field of energy
  • development and promotion of partnership projects
  • the production of electricity, the transport, the marketing and the distribution of energy (Electric and Gas) both in Algeria and abroad
  • e development, by any means, of any activity, having a direct or indirect link with the electrical and gas industries such as telecommunications
Current main missions of AEC-Spa Promote and develop large-scale projects in partnership with foreign partners in the areas of:
  1. the generation of electrical energy
  2. seawater desalination

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Il est porté à la connaissance de tous les Partenaires de la Société « Algerian Energy Company » AEC Spa qu’elle vient de délocaliser à son nouveau siège sis à : 168, Rue Hassiba Ben Bouali , Hamma, Alger .Téléphone :+213 23 82 43 98 / Fax : +213 23 82 43 89

Development Projects

A word from the CEO

With proven experience in setting up projects, AEC spa "Algerian Energy Comapny" is one of the first players operating in the field. Since its creation in 2001, by SONATRACH and SONELGAZ, it has been entrusted with the mission of helping to secure Algeria in terms of energy. Within the framework of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) and in association with foreign partners, AEC has invested in large-scale projects, in the field of energy, in particular, in:
  • seawater desalination
  • the electric generation
If it is true that there was a greater concentration in the desalination of sea water, it was to respond to an emergency expressed by the public authorities. Thanks to the 11 seawater desalination plants, currently in operation and two in the process of being launched, on the one hand, and its substantial holdings in large-capacity power plants, on the other hand, AEC has been able to sharpen its project management know-how. As such, AEC has become a key player as an investor. This allows it, Today, while subscribing to its statutory missions, to conquer the world of renewable energies by carrying out investment projects of whatever sizes. Thus, AEC spa will follow in the footsteps of the current orientation, relating to the energy transition advocated by the public authorities.


AEC builds, equips and operates water desalination units along the Algerian coast as a contribution to national policy to counter water stress.


AEC is a major player in the production of electrical energy in Algeria, contributing to the construction of thermal power plants.


AEC works to develop and exploit the great potential of renewable energies, notably wind and solar of the country.


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